Anthropologie Version
My Version

As you can see, my version is a lot more organic and less controlled, which I did on purpose. I wanted the flowers not to feel so structured. It’s really easy to make and it always gets a lot of compliments. I’ve made it in a bunch of colors and even as gifts.

To make it you will need:

• 5/8″ or 3/4″ ribbon (i used grosgrain originally, but for this one i used satin to change it up)
• a plain, thin headband
• sparkly clear beads – I used a mix of whatever I had laying around
• hot glue gun
• needle and thread
• lighter to burn the ribbon ends to stop fraying
• scissors

Begin by placing a dot of hot glue at one end of the headband to anchor your ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon up the headband, making sure to pull it tight to stop any wrinkles. You won’t need any more glue until you reach the other end if you pull it tight enough.

Cut the ribbon and glue it.

Your headband will now look like this. Set it aside for now.

Cut 9 3″ pieces of your ribbon and burn the edges to keep them from fraying. You will need 3 pieces for each flower.

Take 3 pieces of the ribbon to make the first flower. Fold the ends of the ribbons to meet each other and secure with a tiny glue dot, making 3 ribbon loops.

Lay the loops across each other in a flower shape. Thread your needle. Sew through the center of the flower you just made to secure it.

Add beads to your needle one at a time and sew them on. You can add as many as you feel like. I usually do between 5-10. I also like to sew in different directions so the petals pucker in some places, which gives it more texture.


Knot your thread and set the first flower aside. Repeat to make two more flowers.

Put the headband on your head to decide where you want the flowers to lay. I’ve found that I like it best if they’re lower and closer to your ear. Put a small dot of glue on the headband for each and press the flower on.

Cut 3 1/2″ pieces of ribbon and burn the edges. Flip the headband over and glue those pieces to the back to secure the flowers even more. If you’re really concerned or the flowers feel loose, you can sew them onto the headband instead of glueing.

And you’re done! Simple, eye-catching, and quick enough to make for any outfit.