jamie b. hannigan - diy ancho-inspired matchstick earrings

This project is inspired by Anthropologie’s Herkimer Matchstick Earrings.

inspiration_herkimer matchstick

To make these earrings you will need:

• 18 ga gold wire

• 24 ga gold wire

• Small clear or white crystal beads (I used 4mm snow quartz)

• Gold earring hooks

• Round nose pliers

• Flat or chain nose pliers

• Wire cutters

• Ball peen hammer

• Surface to hammer on (I use a small metal block)

instructions 1

Start by cutting two 6″ pieces of 18 gauge gold wire. Make a round loop at the top and start forming the shape of the earring frame. It should be about 2″ long.

instructions 2


Finish the shape of your earring frame and bring the end of the wire to the loop you created. Criss cross the ends so that the loop is sandwiched in between.

instructions 3

Pull the ends tight so that the frame is secure, then snip off the excess wire.

instructions 4

Repeat with the other piece of wire for your second earring frame. Check as you go to make sure they are as close to identical as possible.

instructions 5

Place your earring frames on your hammering surface and hammer with the ball peen hammer until they lay flat. This will also strengthen the wire and make them less likely to bend.

instructions 6

Cut a 10″ piece of 24 gauge wire and wrap the end around the bottom of your earring frame. String on beads until you fill the space.

instructions 7

Secure the wire at the top by wrapping it near the loop. Repeat on the second earring. Add earring hooks of choice and you’re done!

jamie b. hannigan - diy ancho-inspired matchstick earrings matchstick2 matchstick3