This project is so fast and easy that I didn’t even bother with step-by-step photos.


To make these, you will need:
Mason jars in varying sizes
A salt shaker
Glitter that looks like snow (I used Twinklets Diamond Dust Glitter)
Miniature pine trees – Originally when I went to the craft store, I picked up mini christmas trees from the seasonal section. I changed my mind when I saw these trees in the area where they sell stuff for dioramas because they looked way more natural.
A couple pinecones
Hot glue
Glue the trees however you want to the insides of the lids of the jars.
Fill the jars with 1-2″ of glitter, depending on how snowy you want your scene.
Screw the lids on the jars and flip over so the snow settles.
For the salt shaker, I had to edit my process a bit. I also lined the lid with a piece of plastic wrap so that if it gets knocked over, glitter won’t go everywhere.
Glue the trees to a cork, then put glue on the cork and low it into the shaker, attaching it to the bottom.
Fill the shaker with glitter to cover the cork, so you can only see the trees above the snow.
So easy, and a lot cheaper than the anthro versions! My jars were free, it was $9.99 for a package of 15 trees, and I had the glitter from a project a long time ago. So for me it was under $10 for three, when they range from $18-$38 a piece from Anthropologie!
 DIY Anthropologie Mason Jar Snowglobes