To make these earrings you will need:

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• Wire cutters

• Sharp scissors

• A lighter

• 2 rectangular or marquis shaped rhinestones

Small multicolored rhinestone chain

Medium multicolored rhinestone chain

Small clear rhinestone chain

• E6000 glue

• Leftover plastic packaging

2 earring hooks

• 2 looped head pins

• 3″ satin ribbon

• Tweezers (optional, but helpful!)

Begin by clipping all of the orange rhinestones out of the medium size multicolor rhinestone chain. Set them aside. Also clip four light colored or white-ish rhinestones out of the medium chain. Set those aside as well.

Trace a marquis shape out and cut it from one of your pieces of plastic. Use that as a guide to create a second shape. Mine are about 2″ long.

Place a dollop of E600 in the center of each shape. Press in your two focal rhinestones (the rectangles or marquis). Put a lighter colored rhinestone at the top and bottom of each. Cut a length of the clear rhinestone chain and wrap it around as a border.

Place more glue around the border of the rhinestones you just laid. Allow it to set for a couple minutes so it isn’t runny. Place orange rhinestones around as a border. Tweezers are helpful here!

Clip all the turquoise rhinestones out of your small rhinestone chain and set them aside.

Add more E600 around the orange rhinestones and set the smaller turquoise rhinestones. Repeat on other earring and allow to dry. Once dry, trim any excess plastic that hangs beyond the edges.

Flip the earrings over and add a dollop of glue. Place your loop head pin in the glue, then glue the earring onto a piece of ribbon, with the smooth side facing outward. Let dry.

Trim the excess ribbon from around the earrings. Burn the edges (carefully!) with a lighter to ensure that it doesn’t fray. Attach earring hooks to your loops at the top of the earrings.