I seem to go through phases with my projects. I get really into one technique or theme for a while, then I abandon it and never experiment with it again. oh well. here are some examples of this.

i went through a hedgehog loving phase. this little guy
is entirely made of broken glass.
This elephant is also made from broken glass, only I found all these pieces in the woods.
I made these bottles after being inspired by some BEAUTIFUL creations that can be found at at-choo.com
The front cover of one of my most favorite possessions/pieces, my reliquary dedicated to my Pop Pop.
This is the inside cover. The lefthand side is a shot of Pop Pop in the Navy, and underneath is music he had handwritten while in the Navy Band. On the right is my grandparents as a young couple.
The inside of the book (which was his ancient dictionary).
This page has a picture of his family, a four leaf clover, playing cards, and marbles. Each have a significance to me.
This page is a letter he wrote me, a penny, a lock and key, and a button.