curu_inspiration vs jbh_yellow

These earrings were inspired by Curu Lemon Posts from Anthropologie (no longer available).

To make these earrings you will need:
• 2 rectangular rhinestones in settings
• 4 round rhinestones in a contrasting color
• 20 beads
• 22 ga or 24 ga wire
• E6000 glue (transparent)
• Earring posts

Step 1 - jamie b. hannigan

Start with an 8″ piece of wire. Thread it through the rhinestone so that it loops around the top and comes out the bottom diagonally. Pull the wire tight. Each end should be at opposite corners.



Thread 5 beads on each side of the wire. Push the ends opposite hole so it comes out from the same hole it started at.  This will create a loop around each end of the rhinestone.



Thread the wire through the smaller rhinestone. Wrap the wire twice around the loop to secure and repeat on the other side. Trim the excess wire.


Repeat steps 1 – 3 to make the second earring.


Dab E6000 on the back of the earrings and press in the posts. Allow to dry.