I was inspired to make this colorful summer bracelet by this one from Anthropologie: (of course)

I hate adjustable bracelets though, so I used a clasp instead. I also used a less-neon string to make it look a bit more sophisticated.

To make this bracelet you will need:

• Clear beads
• Multicolored embroidery floss
• Anti-fraying glue
• Clasp
• Clipboard (optional but super helpful!)

Cut 2 pieces of embroidery floss about a yard each. Cut four more pieces about 16″ each. Tie them together and clip them in your clipboard to hold them still while you work.

Place a drop of anti-fraying glue between your fingertips. Run the two longer pieces of string through the glue, especially concentrating on the ends. This will help keep your string from fraying and make it easier to put on the beads.

Separate the two longer pieces (working strings) so that they lay on either side of the four shorter pieces. This bracelet is made using square knots, shown above.

jbh - step 4

Add a bead to each working string and tie half of your square knot. Finish the knot to keep the beads in place.

Repeat this process until the bracelet is the right length for your wrist. When you get to the end of the bracelet, tie another square knot without any beads, like you did in the beginning.

Tie the end of the bracelet to one of the ends of your clasp. Trim the excess string and dab with anti-fraying glue to make sure it stays. Repeat this on the other end of the bracelet.

Let the glue to dry and add your new bracelet to your summer stack!