This tutorial is super easy and quick enough to make a bunch of pairs in one sitting.

Anthro’s “Swooping Loops Posts”
DIY - Anthropologie Inspired Bow Earrings Tutorial
To make these you will need:
•Approx. a foot of round leather or faux leather cord in any color
•Gold crimp beads (or silver if you’re more of a silver person)
•Crimping pliers
•Ear posts
•Krazy Glue (I really like the purple kind that comes with the brush)
1. To begin, cut two 6″ lengths of the cord. Tie a bow in the first piece, concentrating on getting the loops the size that you want. You might need to play around with how you tie it so that it lies mostly flat. Don’t worry about the tails.
2. Repeat with the other piece of cord, making sure they are as close to the same size as you can get them. Dab some Krazy Glue in the knot part of the bow to keep it from coming untied. Trim the tails. You should now have two mini bows that are pretty similar looking.
3. One side of the bow knot will be a little bit flatter then the other. Use E6000 to glue the ear posts to the flatter side of the bows. Allow the glue to dry.
4. Once the glue is dry and it is safe to pick them up, you can add the crimp beads to the end. If the cord isn’t thin enough to fit through the crimp bead hole, you can trim it into an angled edge so the it fits. (PS – I was wearing gorgeous Revlon’s Facets of Fuchsia nail polish, which is a dupe of Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance! There is a great comparison of the two here. 🙂 )
5. To keep the crimp beads from falling right off, you will need to use crimping pliers. If you have never used these before, it might seem a little confusing. Your pliers will have two areas where you can “crimp” the beads by placing the bead in the groove and squeezing the pliers. Use the area without the center divider, called the “rounder” in this picture (which I found, along with this great tutorial for crimping here).
DIY - Anthropologie Inspired Bow Earrings Tutorial
Using the “rounder” area, clamp the pliers down on the crimp beads to secure them.
Repeat on the other earring, and you’re done! Pretty simple, huh?
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