These earrings are inspired by Anthropologie’s Piccadilly Drops (which unfortunately are no longer available).

To make these earrings you will need:

• 4 top-drilled briolettes • 18 gauge wire • 24 gauge wire • a ring mandrel • wire cutters • round nosed pliers • 2 earring hooks

DIY Anthro-Inspired Briolette Drops - Supplies

Step 1

Begin by cutting 4 approx. 3″ pieces of your 18 gauge wire. Wrap around your ring mandrel, around the size 5 mark, forming a circle.

DIY Anthro-Inspired Briolette Drops - Step 1

Step 2

Repeat with the other three pieces of 18 gauge wire. The ends of the circles should overlap a bit.

Step 3

Using wire cutters, snip the overlapping wire on your circles so that the ends meet up.

You may need to slightly bend your circles so that the ends meet up.

Step 4

Get read to wire-wrap your briolettes. You’ll need approx. 6″ of 24 gauge wire for each briolette.

Step 5

Thread a piece of 24 gauge wire through the hole of a briolette.

DIY Anthropologie Briolette Drops - Step 6

Cross the wire, leaving about 1.5″ on one end.

Step 6

Begin wrapping the longer end of the wire around the briolette. When you feel you have wrapped far enough, trim the excess.

Step 7

With the remaining shorter side of the wire, you will create a loop attaching the briolette to your rings. Thread the end through the two rings.

Step 8

Create a wrapped loop linking the two rings to your briolette. Trim the excess wire.

Repeat on the other set of rings.

Step 9

Wire wrap your other briolette and attach it to the top ring with a wrapped loop. Repeat on other earring. You will also attach your earring wires to this loop.

DIY Anthropologie Briolette Drops - Step 9

Step 10

Attach your earring wires, and you’re done!

DIY Anthropologie Briolette Drops - Finished