I’ve finally gotten around to making some earrings on my “To Try” list. Here is my interpretation of Anthropologie’s “Gothic Revival Earrings” by Wendy Mink, which were originally priced at $158. I think my version, though obviously not a replica, probably cost in the neighborhood of $5.


DIY - Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Earring TutorialDIY - Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Earring Tutorial

2 large pearl beadsTo make these, you will need:

a bunch of smaller pearl beads (I didn’t count but probably around 30?)
2 tassels (i like cream more than brown, plus it was only 97 cents for two of them.)
2 earring hooks
24 gauge wire
super glue
wire cutters
round nose pliers
To begin, thread the large pearl beads onto pieces of the 24 gauge wire and make loops at both ends. Cut the loop at the top of the tassel and tie it through one of the loops on the pearl bead.
After you double knot it, trim the excess and dab super glue on the knot to keep it from coming untied. Repeat on the other earring. (the super glue i used comes out purple so you can see where it’s going then turns clear as it dries)
Thread a piece of wire through the same loop you tied the tassel to. Add a pearl and finish the end off. Continue adding wire wrapped pearls to this area until it feels finished to you. I didn’t add all the pearls to the main loop, instead I looped a lot of them off of each other. (For a tutorial on wire wrapping beads, see this blurry tutorial i did a long time ago.)
DIY - Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Earring Tutorial

To keep my pearls close together and not super dangly, I often threaded the wire through several loops at once and pulled it tight before I wrapped the loop closed. When you are satisfied with how the small pearls look, do the other earring to match.

Ta da!