Inspiration: Anthropologie Dipped Sessile Necklace

Inspiration: Anthropologie Dipped Sessile Necklace

What you’ll need for this necklace is relatively minimal:

  • A piece of coral
  • Acrylic paint
  • Painter’s tape (but if you don’t have it, regular masking tape can work too)
  • Paint brush
  • piece of wire
  • pliers
  • chain & clasp

Tape off your coral.

Cut a piece of tape and wrap it around your coral piece, masking of a straight line for where the paint will end.

Paint your coral.

Paint the exposed part of the coral. You don’t need to worry about being too neat because once you pull the tape off it will be a straight line.

painted coral

Pull off the tape while the paint is still slightly wet. Use your paintbrush if you need to clean up the edge at all. Let it dry.

Wire wrapping coral

Tightly wrap an approx. 4″ piece of wire a few times around the unpainted part of the coral. (Note – please ignore my grotesque nails.)

Coral with wire wrapped loop

Using your pliers, make a loop for the chain to go through. Wrap both ends of the wire around the loop for security.

coral on chain

String a length of chain through the loop and add a clasp.

Finished coral necklace

Finished product!