DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings -

For this project, you will need:

• 2 large-ish rhinestones
• 2 medium rhinestones in a different color – I used colored rhinestone chain, as you will see.
• 4 small rhinestones in a third color – Again, I used colored rhinestone chain.
• Even smaller rhinestone chain – about 2-3 inches
• Strong glue (like E6000 or the fast-drying version for impatient people like me!)
• Post earring blanks
• Plastic to glue the stones on
• Scissors
• Wire cutters
• Permanent marker

For my plastic, I upcycled and saved the packaging from some of my rhinestones. It’s pretty strong and not the crackly kind, along the same lines as a takeout container.


Using a permanent marker, draw out the approximate shape you want your earrings to be. It doesn’t have to be precise, just kind of a general guideline.


Cut out your shapes.


Glue down your largest rhinestone, sort of in the middle of the shape.


If you’re working with rhinestone chain, like me, cut two of the larger rhinestones off the chain and four of the smaller.


Make sure you trim any excess metal sticking out of the sides of the rhinestones.


Glue down your medium sized rhinestone at the bottom of the focal rhinestone.


Glue your two smaller rhinestones on each side. Allow the glue to dry.


Cut a length of the smallest rhinestone chain to wrap around the top of the focal. Glue it down.


Repeat on the other earring and let them dry thoroughly. You don’t want the rhinestones to slide around and end up drying at a weird angle.


After they have dried, carefully trim the excess plastic around the earrings, avoiding making any sharp edges.


Flip the earrings over and place a dot of glue.


Glue down the posts and allow to dry.


DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings -

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