I’ve been wanting to attempt this necklace for a really long time, but I could never find the right kind of beads. I even thought about contacting a glass blower and having some custom made. Finally, I found some on Etsy.

Also, I didn’t vary the size of the beads and I only used three, because they came in packages of 4 and I didn’t want to have a ton of leftovers. I didn’t bleach the flowers I used, and I used gold chain instead of silver, which gives it a more vintage look overall.

For my version of this necklace, you will need:
3 hollow glass beads, like these from clbeads on easy
dried baby’s breath
a cup for water
a hairdryer
a piece of wire to poke with
fine chain
a clasp
These are the beads I used. They are 25mm.
Sprigs of baby’s breath.
Break the baby’s breath into smaller pieces. Soak it in a cup of water for a few minutes to allow the blooms to soften. That way, when you go to put them in the beads, they won’t crumble apart.
Thread the stem of a wet sprig through both holes of a bead. Gently pull and work it until the blooms are all the way in. You may need to use a piece of wire to push the blooms in.
Keep wiggling the sprig. It will take patience, but it should go in.
When you get all the blooms inside, trim the excess stem.
This is what the first bead looked like after having 1 sprig inside.
Continue adding sprigs until the bead looks as full as you want it.
Repeat the filling process with the other two beads until you are satisfied with the amount of flowers inside each.
After they are filled, you will notice moisture trapped inside from the wet sprigs. Use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the beads out.
When the beads are dry inside, you will notice the flowers seem a bit fluffier.
Cut a length of chain, longer than you think you will want your necklace to be. It’s always better to have extra to work with. Use a piece of wire like a needle and connect it temporarily to the end of the chain.
Thread the wire needle through both holes of the first bead.
Pull it through so that the bead is strung on the chain.
Repeat for the second bead.
And the third.
Flowers in Glass Necklace

Flowers in Glass Necklace

Measure how long you want it to be. Trim the excess chain and add a clasp to the ends.