inspiration vs jbh

In Northeast PA, it is still very much winter and I’m still sitting under several layers of fleece at all times. However, this necklace is cheerful, springy, and best of all, mint. It has me optimistic that the temperature will one day break 45 degrees.

To make this necklace you will need:

• 10 mm round beads in any color – I got these great mint beads from Doreen Beads
• Smaller sparkly beads – I used these, also from Doreen Beads
• Rhinestones – mine came from a bracelet I dismantled
• 26 ga wire
• Headpins
• E6000 or other jewelry glue
• Necklace clasp
• Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and wire cutters


Begin by stringing 3 round beads on a piece of wire, about 4″ or so. Thread the wire so that both ends come out of one bead, forming a triangle of beads. Pull the wire tight and wrap the ends.


Make more of the bead triangles. For my necklace, I used 15, but it can vary depending on how long  you want it to be and how large your beads are. Once you make enough, place a drop of glue in the center of each triangle and press a rhinestone into it. Allow to dry.


While the glue is drying, make the same number of bead dangles. Using a headpin, add one of your smaller sparkly beads and create a loop. Attach the loop to the bottom of a bead triangle (where you didn’t wrap the excess wire.) Attach all bead dangles to bead triangles.


Cut a piece of wire about 5″. Wrap a loop through one side of a bead triangle. Thread on a sparkly bead. Thread the wire through another bead triangle and close with a wrapped loop.


Repeat step 4 until all the bead triangles are linked together. On the last triangles, connect a clasp and chain for the clasp to hook.

DIY J Crew Inspired Mint Necklace