DIY Mint Beaded Earrings - Jamie B Hannigan

To make these earrings you will need:
• 18 ga gold wire
• 26 ga gold wire
• Mint beads – I used these from Doreen beads
• Earring hooks
• Hammer
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings Step 1 - Jamie B Hannigan
To begin, cut two pieces of the 18 gauge wire, about 6″ long. Bend the wire into shape of diamond, crossing the ends as shown. Create a loop with one end, making sure the loop faces the same direction as the rest of the frame, and wrap the ends around. Trim the excess to finish the frames.

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings Step 2 - Jamie B Hannigan

Hammer the frames until they lay flat. You don’t need to hammer the looped parts.

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings Step 3 - Jamie B Hannigan

Cut an 18″ piece of 26 gauge wire. Wrap one end around the frame at the top. Thread a bead on, and wrap the wire around the opposite side of the frame. Continue doing this until the whole shape is filled across with beads.

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings Step 4 - Jamie B Hannigan

Repeat on the second frame. Trim the ends of the wire and tuck them in with your pliers.

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings Step 5 - Jamie B Hannigan

Add earring hooks and wear!