DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Pearl Choker

This easy-to-make necklace is right on trend with the 90’s choker resurgence. To make this necklace, inspired by the Pearled Choker at Anthropologie ($48), you will need: • A length of flat suede or leather cord (I think this is closest to what I used) • Strong needle (like a tapestry needle) • Gold wire […]

DIY J.Crew-Inspired Sequin Flower Necklace

To make this necklace you will need: • Circular hole punch (mine was 1" in diameter) • Plastic sheet (I used leftover packaging from something) • Straight pin or tapestry needle • Sharpie • Normal needle • Thread (I like Beadalon Wildfire) • Flat top-hole sequins •...

DIY Gold-Dipped Crystal Earrings & Pendant

A long time ago, I did a tutorial for raw gold-dipped gems. This tutorial was inspired by that, but a little more advanced. I purposely applied the gold leaf over the wire to give it a rustic, earthy look, but if you want it smoother, apply the gold leaf before wire wrapping.

DIY J.Crew Inspired Sparkle Earrings

These earrings are inspired by J.Crew’s Sparkle Medley Earrings (no longer available). Making these earrings is super simple, but patience is definitely required to allow everything to dry every step of the way.

DIY J.Crew Rose Wreath Necklace – With a 3D Printer

So this tutorial is a bit different from the ones I usually do, as it requires a 3D printer to make the main components of the necklace. I’ve experimented a bit with printing jewelry components, so when I saw this necklace from J.Crew, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to try again.

DIY Double Chain Necklace

To make this necklace, you will need:

• Large gold curb chain

• Thin gold chain

• Gold jump rings

• Gold clasp

• Flat nose pliers

• Chain nose pliers

DIY Mint Beaded Earrings

To make these earrings you will need:
• 18 ga gold wire
• 26 ga gold wire
• Mint beads – I used these from Doreen beads
• Earring hooks
• Hammer
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers

DIY J. Crew Inspired Mint Necklace

In Northeast PA, it is still very much winter and I’m still sitting under several layers of fleece at all times. However, this necklace is cheerful, springy, and best of all, mint. It has me optimistic that the temperature will one day break 45 degrees.