Again, in the spirit of the lazy snow day, I decided to photograph some older projects i’ve done. i may do a tutorial for some of these in the future!
Anthropologie’s “Snipped and Saved” Posts
My version which I made last summer
Anthropologie’s “Ballet Russes” Posts
I used what I had on hand, which was white tulle instead of pink, and an array of red and purple beads. Still, I like them. I might make them again in different colors and post a tutorial.
These flower posts are made of organza ribbon and glass beads.

These aren’t really as orange as they look, more of a peachy color. These are made of grosgrain ribbon, some weird old edging stuff i found in my grandmas’s sewing basket, and vintage beads.

These I made by coiling some braided cord and sewing it as I went along. I sewed some pearl beads into the middle and attached posts to the back. Super easy.

The earrings above were loosely based on the ones next to them.