It’s been so long since my last post eek! I’ve literally had zero free time so I’m treating myself to a study break to make some earrings.

Here is the Anthro version (by Nashelle)

I’m not super crazy about the color scheme of these, probably because I have blonde hair, so the peridots are greener than anthro’s look)
To make these earrings you will need:
2 ear wires (I used gold
16 ga. wire (Also gold)
26 ga. wire (Also gold)
beads in 2 contrasting colors (I used peridot for the yellow/green and tourmaline beads for the darker part)
a cylinder like a dowel, pen, etc.
surface to hammer on
wire cutters
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers

1. Begin by cutting 2 7″ pieces of the 16 ga wire.

2. About an inch from one end, curve the wire around your cylinder (I used a sharpie marker for this)

3. Curve it again in about 3/4″ so that it looks like an S

4. Continue curving with the sharpie until you have a total of 5 bends and a piece of wire that looks like this. Cut off excess wire if you need to.

5. Repeat steps 2- 4 with the second piece of wire so that they match perfectly!

6. Hammer just the ends of both earring frames so that they aren’t sharp.

7. Cut a piece of 26 ga wire and fold it in half. Wrap it around the end of the beginning of the earring about 5 times.

8. Put 2 beads on one wire and wrap it around the frame like this. Continue to do this, alternating which wire you put the two beads on each time. I know this sounds confusing, so hopefully the pictures help.

9. Before you switch bead colors, wrap the wire twice.

10. Instead of two at a time, begin wrapping with tourmaline beads one at a time, still alternating between the two wires.

11. continue until the end of the frame, then wrap a few times and trim. use the chain nose pliers to tuck the ends in tightly.

12. repeat beading for earring #2

13. open the earring hook loop and attach it in the middle of the top bar of the earring frame, like this.

14. wear. duh.

anthro’s vs. mine